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Top Sustainable Global Fashion Capitals for 2020

London Leads in Sustainable Fashion, New York, Milan, and Paris Follow

Sydney and Melbourne Both in Top Ten

Spring Fashion Weeks, Austin, Texas — The Global Language Monitor has been at the forefront of the Sustainability movement since it named Sustainable as one of our Top Words of the Year some fourteen years ago in 2006.

When GLM named the Top Words of the 21st Century, ‘Truth’ was no. 1, followed closely ‘Progress’ at No. 2. Then came ‘Sustainability’ at No. 3. Sustainability has come a long way in the last decade-and-a-half, now besting even ‘Internet’, ‘Climate Change,’ and ‘Global Warming’.

The Global Language Monitor has also been ranking the ‘Top Global Fashion Capitals’ since 2007, and have been quoted widely on sustainable, ethical, and green fashion. For example, our Fashion Director penned a section in Red Carpet Green Dress’ Fashion Designer’s Resource Book

Therefore in 2020, the GLM is now introducing the Sustainability Rankings as part of its annual Top Global Fashion Capital rankings.

Therefore, Sustainable, Ethical, and Green fashion are now being added to the classic categories.

The inaugural Top Global Fashion Capitals for Sustainability Rankings appear below.

RankTop Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityRegion
1London, UKEurope
2New York, New YorkNorth America
3Milan, ItalyEurope
4Paris, FranceEurope
6Los Angeles, CaliforniaNorth America
7Hong Kong, ChinaASIA
8Sydney, AustraliaAustralasia
9Berlin, GermanyEurope
10Melbourne, AustraliaAustralasia
11Austin, TXNorth America
12Miami, FloridaNorth America
13Washington, DCNorth America
14Tokyo, JapanASIA
15Dubai, UAEMiddle East
16Madrid, SpainEurope
17Rome, ItalyEurope
18San Francisco, CaliforniaNorth America
19Barcelona, SpainEurope
20Mumbai, IndiaASIA
21Las Vegas, NVNorth America
22Santiago, ChileLatin America
24Shanghai, ChinaASIA
25Moscow, RussiaEastern Europe
26New Delhi, IndiaASIA
27Florence OR FiorenzaEurope
29Portland, OregonNorth America
30Prague, CzechEastern Europe
31Copenhagen, DenmarkEurope
32Auckland, New ZealandAustralasia
33Seoul, KoreaASIA
34Cape Town, South AfricaAfrica
35Sao Paulo, BrazilLatin America
36Vienna, AustriaEurope
37Lagos, NigeriaAfrica
38Bali, IndonesiaAustralasia
39Stockholm, SwedenEurope
40Abu Dhabi, UAEMiddle East
41Rio de Janeiro, BrazilLatin America
42Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLatin America
43Mexico City, MexicoLatin America
44Johannesburg, South AfricaAfrica
45Frankfurt, GermanyEurope
46Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaASIA
47Antwerp, BelgiumEurope
48Warsaw, PolandEastern Europe
49Vancouver, B.C.North America
50Monte CarloEurope
51St. Petersburg, RussiaEastern Europe
52Chicago, IllinoisNorth America
53Tel Aviv, IsraelMiddle East
54Beirut, LebanonMiddle East
55Boston, MassachusettsNorth America
56Houston, Texas, USNorth America
57Krakow” OR “CracowEastern Europe
58Atlanta, GANorth America
59Dallas, TXNorth America
60Columbus, OhioNorth America
61Accra, GhanaAfrica
62Caracas, VenazulaLatin America
63Dakar, SenegalAfrica
64Montreal, CanadaNorth America
65Toronto, OntarioNorth America
66Tehran, IranMiddle East

Top Sustainable Global Fashion Capitals By Region

North America

Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityNorth America
1New York, New YorkNorth America
2Los Angeles, CaliforniaNorth America
3Austin, TXNorth America
4Miami, FloridaNorth America
5Washington, DCNorth America
6San Francisco, CaliforniaNorth America
7Las Vegas, NVNorth America
8Portland, OregonNorth America
9Vancouver, B.C.North America
10Chicago, IllinoisNorth America
11Boston, MassachusettsNorth America
12Houston, Texas, USNorth America
13Atlanta, GANorth America
14Dallas, TXNorth America
15Columbus, OhioNorth America
16Montreal, CanadaNorth America
17Toronto, OntarioNorth America


Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityEurope
1London, UKEurope
2Milan, ItalyEurope
3Paris, FranceEurope
4Berlin, GermanyEurope
5Madrid, SpainEurope
6Rome, ItalyEurope
7Barcelona, SpainEurope
9Florence, ItalyEurope
10Copenhagen, DenmarkEurope
11Vienna, AustriaEurope
12Stockholm, SwedenEurope
13Frankfurt, GermanyEurope
14Antwerp, BelgiumEurope
15Monte CarloEurope


Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityAsia
2Hong Kong, ChinaASIA
3Tokyo, JapanASIA
4Shanghai, ChinaASIA
5Bangkok, ThailandASIA
6Seoul, KoreaASIA
7Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaASIA

Latin America

Top Global Fashion Capitals for Sustainability Latin America
1 Santiago, ChileLatin America
2Sao Paulo, BrazilLatin America
3Rio de Janeiro, BrazilLatin America
4Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLatin America
5Mexico City, MexicoLatin America
6Caracas, VenazulaLatin America

Middle East

Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityMiddle East
1Dubai, UAEMiddle East
2Abu Dhabi, UAEMiddle East
3Tel Aviv, IsraelMiddle East
4Beirut, LebanonMiddle East
5Tehran, IranMiddle East

Eastern Europe

Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityEastern Europe
1Moscow, RussiaEastern Europe
2Prague, CzechiaEastern Europe
3Warsaw, PolandEastern Europe
4St. Petersburg, RussiaEastern Europe
5Krakow Eastern Europe


Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityAfrica
1Cape Town, South AfricaAfrica
2Lagos, NigeriaAfrica
3Johannesburg, South AfricaAfrica
4Accra, GhanaAfrica
5Dakar, SenegalAfrica


Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityAustralasia
1Sydney, AustraliaAustralasia
2Melbourne, AustraliaAustralasia
3Auckland, New ZealandAustralasia
4Bali, IndonesiaAustralasia


Top Global Fashion Capitals for SustainabilityIndia
1Mumbai, IndiaIndia
2New Delhi, IndiaIndia

About The Top Global Fashion Capitals

The Top Global Fashion Capitals is yet another analytical project from the US-based Data Research company, Global Language Monitor.

Background:  The Top Global Fashion Capitals are now recognized as the standard in the fashion world, as you can see below.  For the 2017 edition, we are tracking more than three-score established and emerging centers of fashion. Our efforts have attracted an inordinate number of citations in the global media, as well as in academics, research and texts. For more than a decade now, the Global Language Monitor has employed its proprietary algorithms to cut through the world of Big Data establishing the definitive, nonbiased rankings of the Top Global Fashion Capitals.

Methodology: For this analysis, the Global Language Monitor used its proprietary Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), the same technology used to measure global brand equity for the Olympics, World Cup, the Fortune 500, and others. This exclusive, GLM longitudinal-study encompasses the prior three years to better assess short-term velocity and longer-term momentum. The study is a Big Data textual analysis based on billions of web pages, millions of blogs, the top 375,000 global print, and electronic media, and new social media formats as they appear. This survey, which was first made public in 2007.

About the Global Language Monitor

In 2003, The Global Language Monitor (GLM) was founded in Silicon Valley by Paul J.J. Payack on the understanding that new technologies and techniques were necessary for truly understanding the world of Big Data, as it is now known.  Previous to this Payack was the founding president at, and a senior executive for a number of leading high tech companies.

Today, from its home in Austin, Texas GLM provides a number of innovative products and services that utilize its ‘algorithmic services’ to help worldwide customers protect, defend and nurture their branded products and entities. Products include ‘brand audits’ to assess the current status, establish baselines, and competitive benchmarks for current intellectual assets and brands, and to defend products against ambush marketing.

About Global Language Monitor

Based in Austin, Texas, the Global Language Monitor collectively documents, analyzes and tracks trends in language usage worldwide, with a particular emphasis upon the English language. The company is known for its Word of the Year, political analysis, college and university rankings, high-tech buzzwords, and media analytics. For more information, visit, email, or call +1 737.215.7750.

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